RJB industrial machinery relocation specialists installations decommisions heavy machinery equipment relocations Bournemouth
heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth
heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset

Industrial Machinery Relocation Specialists - Heavy Machinery Installations, Decommisions & Relocations Bournemouth Dorset

RJB Projects - Machinery Movers & Machinery Relocations Bournemouth Dorset

Installations, Decommissions and Relocations of Heavy Machinery - UK & Worldwide Machinery Movers

RJB Bournemouth in Dorset offers a full machinery relocation service from a single machine to complete site relocation throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. We can offer a full transport service from crane assisted vehicles, step frames, low loaders, curtainsiders to abnormal loads.

For all machinery relocation, whether transporting a single piece of equipment or carrying out a multi machinery move, RJB are conscious of your production schedules and will work to accommodate your deadlines. This can be achieved by weekend, night shift or over bank holidays periods.

When relocating machinery RJB are able to maximise their experience by offering a full turnkey package to remove the stress and worry associated with transport of machinery and industry relocations.

RJB Turnkey Relocation Project - Key Elements

  • Project management
  • Auditing of machinery
  • Electrical disconnection
  • Mechanical disconnection
  • Lifting and loading
  • Packing
  • Shipping documentation
  • Shipping
  • Unloading
  • Mechanical connection
  • Electrical connection
  • Levelling
  • Static and dynamic checks
  • Yellow lining and phase rotation
  • Dry run

De-Commissioning & Uninstalling Equipment

Once the machinery becomes our responsibility, our removal team of highly experienced electrical & mechanical engineers study the audit notes to ensure nothing has been overlooked. Site services are isolated and disconnected, fixings and cables are comprehensively recorded to ensure a smooth installation once the machinery has been relocated.

Installation at New Location

On arrival in their new location, the machines are placed into a storage area by our engineers and the audit notes are used to determine the centre line and datums of the machines, as well as the general footprint, using laser equipment for optimum accuracy.

The machines are set in place methodically with the customer checking that the positioning is practical. Levelling, interconnections and site services are then carried out to save you dealing with additional contractors.

RJB believes that the devil is in the detail and that the more information obtain can make a smooth transition between locations, it is also important to have the correct equipment for the job. This can be a crane, large 40 ton fork lift or the correct vehicle.

Relocation Support

On all relocation projects we can provide an engineer to remain on site, after the relocation is complete, to assist the customers' own team to fine tune the machinery, undertake tests and ensure a smooth relocation of all heavy machinery and equipment.

heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset
heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset
heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset
heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset

heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset

heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset

heavy machinery relocation Bournemouth Dorset

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